Ocean View Spiritual Condo- Hotel Concept

Karaoke fun at Costa Rica Hotel Playa del Coco

Ocean View Hotel Costa Rica is not just your regular resort.

Our resort is dedicated to holistic health and spiritual enlightenment of our guests. Your stay can be filled with different spiritual, holistic, educational and sport activities that will raise your level of consciousness and bring balance in to your life. (See our Holistic Center of Health and Happiness brochure for full description of events and programs for your personal desires and needs.)

Our Adults Only Retreat offers modern accommodations, a range of activities, a chlorine free pool, a spa and Specialty Diet dining options.

Here, at Ocean View Costa Rica Resort & Spa, you experience the stunning and very energetic setting of Playas del Coco.

We are dedicated to organize the most existing and life inspiring stay you ever experience, with our spiritual and holistic events, classes and seminars. Our Guests – Speakers will be coming from all over the world to share their knowledge and experience with our audience.

We are planning to invite many spirituals leaders of our society to become our Guest- Speaker and Event Facilitators. We welcome your comments, of who you would like to see speaking at our center.

With Higher Powers help, we are hoping to have our resort built and fully functional soon.

We really hope you will be joining us for our life changing events.

Our Condo-Hotel is in the process of development at present moment. Now is the best time to invest at our project.   At present time we still have some open opportunities for investment. By investing at this stage of development, you can achieve large saving and many other benefits. All our condo owners and investors will have additional savings and benefits during their ownership.

Contact us for Investment Opportunities at Spiritual Condo-Hotel at Playa del Coco, Costa Rica.