slimming weight loss body wrap


A combination of Vacuum Massage and Parafango slimming body wrap treatments this is an ultimate solution for reducing cellulite and the great procedure to include in the weight loss program.

The vacuum massage system employs a positive/negative pressure, delivering a non-invasive deep massage with optimal stimulation, stretching, and pressure to sub-dermal tissues thus physically manipulating the collagen fibers and connective tissue while increasing metabolism to the treated area(s). Increased local blood circulation, oxygenation and nutrients supply the skin and subcutaneous tissue speeds up the metabolism and leads to a decrease in the stagnant circulation in the skin and subcutaneous tissue leading to an increase in lymphatic drainage.

Following up with a Parafango slimming body wrap treatment offers the advantages of penetrating heat resulting from the combination of the various paraffin’s and sea mud, which are excellent heat conductors helping to create a mini-sauna effect as it captures the heat and increases local blood circulation.

Powerful combinations of pre-treatment exfoliation, Alpha Hydroxy Acid serum application, wrapping techniques which compresses the skin and compacts the soft fatty tissue making it available for greater elimination, and post-treatment massage with a thermo-active multi-phase cream specifically formulated to actively degrade the nodules and fat, while draining the area, eliminates the wastes and excess liquid from the system.

This extremely versatile treatment is efficient in inch-loss and silhouetting programs, cellulite reduction plans, pre and post liposuction intervention, during and after pregnancy, relaxation and skin toning and during your weight loss program.