Silent Awakening Journey is a 10 days quiet Meditation retreat, using Vipassana meditation and Anapana meditation techniques to concentrate, quiet and train your mind and raise your body vibrations for happy and healthy living.
During the meditation retreat you will be practicing breathing anapana meditation to concentrate your mind for the first 3 days.
After that the quiet meditation will be practiced, which will teach you to feel your own energies in your body and to move it in your body in order to raise your vibrations. Raising your body vibrations, will help you to remove emotional blocks from your energy field, which may heal or prevent some illnesses before they manifest.
The experiences felt and the journey you may have during the retreat is very unique and different from individual to individual and could be quite intense.
Even though everyone can start using this techniques and you not need any experiences before time, we recommend to use some other modalities to prepare yourself for deeper experience.
We recommend before your meditation retreat to start practicing the following:

  1. Forgiveness Practice. You can read more about the benefits of forgiveness and how you can practice it, by registering on our site and receiving FREE E-Book without any further obligations.
  2. Any of the Emotional Release practices will help you to start healing the source of your emotional pain.
  3. Energy work practices will help to prepare you for the best experiences during your journey.